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"Magneton" vacuum system for magnetron sputtering
The installation can perform deposition of layers both large thickness (about 50 microns) and layers with a thickness of several nanometers. To control the former ones an optical method (spectra visual unit) is being in use. Monitoring of the latter types is carried out in time, as far as the magnetron sputtering process possess a high stability. Combination of both methods is utilized in order to achieve a better repeatability and precision for manufacturing of complex filters.

"Magneton" has the following advantages:
- High deposition rate;
- Wide range of coatings produced;
- High stability and repeatability of the parameters of optical coatings;
- Automation of all system units (gas supply, the positioning of substrates, creating films optical parameters measurements, laser and ion assistance, etc.).

"Magneton" embodies our many years experience of work with magnetron sputtering and such kind of equipment. Assembling of the apparatus is carried out by highly qualified specialists with high quality components.